Autechre Release Five-Part 'Elseq' Album

Autechre Release Five-Part 'Elseq' Album
It's been four years since Autechre's last studio album Exai, which ran a little over two hours in length. Now, the English electronic duo have outdone themselves as far as runtimes go, having just released a sprawling new five-part effort.

Titled Elseq 1-5 and released via Warp, the album splits 21 tracks over five instalments and is now available through the band's webstore. The release follows a cryptic few days from the duo in which new material was played on BBC 6 Music and Alaskan radio station KSUA.

All five parts of the record can be heard through a player in the webstore here. The album can be purchased in high-quality MP3, WAV/FLAC and 24-Bit WAV formats for audiophiles there as well. A physical release will also reportedly be released, and it appears to be arriving via Warp.

UPDATE (5/23, 11 a.m.): Despite previous reports, it appears that at this point Warp has no plans to release a physical version on Elseq. The label wrote in an update: "There are no plans to release Elseq 1-5 on physical formats."

Elseq 1-5:

Elseq 1:

1. feed1 (11:37)
2. c16 deep tread (12:31)
3. 13×0 step (8:57)
4. pendulu hv moda (12:15)
5. curvcaten

Elseq 2:

1. elyc6 0nset (27:09)
2. chimer 1-5-1 (5:03)
3. c7b2 (13.22)

Elseq 3:

1. eastre (22:15)
2. TBM2 (6:44)
3. mesh cinereaL (24:28)

Elseq 4:

1. acdwn2 (11:52)
2. foldfree casual (9:49)
3. latentcall (14:31)
4. artov chain (4:04)
5. 7th slip (6:36)

Elseq 5:

1. pendulu casual (9:01)
2. spTh (8:21)
3. spaces how V (9:57)
4. freulaeux (11:06)
5. oneum (11:01)