Austra "Hulluu" (video)

Austra 'Hulluu' (video)
Toronto dace pop act Austra recently shared their Habitat EP. Following a video for its title track, they've since completed a visual accompaniment for the song "Hulluu."

The video, which was directed by Zeesy Powers, features choreographer and dancer Emily Law performing in front of a simple black backdrop.

"The spirit self is unleashed in the nightclub in your mind," Powers said in a press release. "The beat hits and time stops, speeds up, slows down. On the dance floor do you compete with others or only yourself? True freedom fills the body with what we have been, are, and could be. Shedding psychic bodies reveals the person always there. Move."

The band's own Katie Stelmanis shared similar insights. "I knew that I wanted the video for 'Hulluu' to focus on movement," she said. "I've known Emily since I was 12 and she is the best dancer/waacker in Toronto so I definitely wanted her to be a part of it. Zeesy is a super-talented artist who I used to live with and collaborate with all the time making soundtracks for her performance art pieces (and who was actually the one to encourage me to start performing my own music in the first place)."

Watch the video for "Hulluu" below. Habitat is out now through Paper Bag Records.