Austin Lounge Lizards Never An Adult Moment

It is a good thing that the Austin Lounge Lizards have a means of catharsis. Whether someone out there will understand them is another question altogether. They are a collective of middle-aged, intellectual dropouts who use music as a means to cope with being part of the "system." While the disc may at first seem nothing more than plain old silly comedy set to old style country bluegrass, further inspection of the lyrical content reveals bizarre, acid-like rants from overly educated minds. They subject the listener to plenty of life's ironies and subjects shift rapidly, from surrealist artist Luis Bunuel to politics within one verse. I suspect the material is autobiographical and functions more like a rehab assignment. Take, for instance, the track "Forty Years Old And I'm Living In My Mom's Garage" - it seems to sum everything up. This album may do more harm to listeners than good. (Sugar Hill)