Aunty Panty AP

Aunty Panty are a noisy two-piece who hang out in the western Canadian underground of Saskatoon making noises too often unheard in the rest of the country. Made up of singular-named Tiffany and Shavonne, their debut EP is a weird and wonderful no-fi punk concoction of deep, dirty guitars and guttural vocals soaked in reverb and attitude. The space in these songs is subversive; opener "Panty Stain" sustains intensity in the post-hardcore sing-shout through the simple strum-bang of the guitar and drums. On "Cunt," things get straight up melodic even amidst the biggest (almost scary) vocal delivery heard here. There's something current and digestible about Aunty Panty's growling noise and yet they're undeniably strange and edgy. Together it creates something compelling and exciting. (Independent)