Attack of the Microphone / Dutch Oven A Mirage of Flesh

This split between two of Québec's heaviest hitters bursts with raw energy and features two new songs from each band and a cover of each other's material. Attack of the Microphone, with their infusion of crushing hardcore and punk rock'n'roll, start this release off with the explosive "Blood as Love," an audio assault of unmerciful drums, gruff vocals and dirty Southern rock guitar riffs. Dutch Oven's brand of gritty blues meets full-throttle punk complements this split perfectly, with their fuzzed-out tone and cymbal-punishing beats, most prominent on "I'm the Sheep That's Lost, Madre," originally written by Attack of the Microphone but arranged and beautifully executed as if it were Dutch Oven's. A Mirage of Flesh is a powerful split that showcases both bands in their true, brutal form, giving you just a taste of pure rock fury before it comes to an unfortunate end. (Very Cochon)