Attack in Black

Years (By One Thousand Fingertips)

BY Sheena LyonnaisPublished Mar 26, 2009

Holy tracks, batman! It's been a while since I've listened to a CD released with 16 songs that wasn't a compilation, but Attack In Black must not share my A.D.D. Normally when I think of Attack In Black, I think of energetic songs laced with rock and punk, and tend to ignore their musical shifts into softer, more sombre moments. While they've released acoustic and folk material before, this record ditches the rock'n'roll entirely for soft indie songs that are as equally pretty as they are depressing. There's a different kind of energy here, and while it is artistically beautiful it sounds like a very different band than the hardcore Welland, ON act that first made waves with 2007's Marriage. Tracks like "The Greater Niagara Circle Route" show their versatility and appreciation for folk rock, as well as singer Dan Romano's maturing voice. I appreciate music that moves in new directions but this album is too boring for AIB! This is a good album to throw on if you want to make love on a rainy Sunday afternoon but definitely not if you want messy drunk fucking on a Friday.
(Dine Alone)

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