Atmosphere "Kanye West"

Atmosphere 'Kanye West'
Don't let that song title fool you, Minneapolis rap twosome Atmosphere's new "Kanye West" single may name-check our Lord Yeezus, but the personal track has bigger fish to fry than just saluting the world famous rapper.

A nasty bit of distortion is slapped onto the guitar lines slung throughout the song, also paired with female vocal harmonies and a simple but moving boom bap. Slug, meanwhile, spits about the ups and downs of a romantic relationship, from initially being on the same page to throwing up ones hands in frustration over life's complexities. The rapper maintains that he'll "live life like I love to breathe," which is as positive an outlook as any.

You can stream the arm-swinging single down below.

Atmosphere's Southsiders LP arrives May 6 via Rhymesayers, and it will be supported on the group's upcoming "North of Hell" tour. You'll find the Canada-heavy tour schedule here .