Atavismo Desintegración

Atavismo Desintegración
Atavismo are a Spanish self-described space rock collective featuring members of Viaje A 800 and Buena Muerto Trio. Their latest record, Desintegración, only has four tracks, but the group more than make up for that fact with the punch that each of them pack.

Though the record's press release compares Atavismo's sound to bands like Earthless and Dead Meadow, it sounds like they have some heavier influences, and they aren't really trying to do the stoner-metal-meets-psych thing. The vocals are very upbeat — dare I say poppy — and even when slow and sombre, the songs feature mostly major chords. The group pulls this off very well.

Desintegración starts off with "Blazava," which leads in slowly and oscillates between gentle guitar and bass before the song truly kicks off into a rollicking jam featuring solid guitar riffs and palpable musicianship. It transitions into "Kraken," which has an extremely catchy riff and uplifting vocals, and carries the listener through a journey that spans space and time, going from poppy and upbeat to eerie and lilting. "Oceanica" kicks things off with another slow fade-in, and then a soft lyrical refrain highlighted by the guitar licks accompanying it, keeping things pretty low-key and dreamlike. Everything wraps up with "Meeh," a solid conclusion to the record that brings things to a close.

Psych and metal fans will much to enjoy here, especially if you like a mix of the two. The only real complaint here is that it doesn't last longer than Desintegración's short, four-song track list. (Temple of Torturous)