At The Soundawn Red Square: We Come in Waves

At the Soundawn continue the fine tradition of European bands outdoing their American contemporaries. Effectively fusing the post-metal musings of Isis and their ilk with a touch of melodic hardcore in the vein of Taken or early Hopesfall, the group inject just enough life into the formula to make it come across as fresh and captivating. The sense of dynamic keeps the album afloat, staying clear of unnecessary repetition and outright idol worship. Never is an uninspired riff flogged into the ground, instead tense build-ups give way to completely unexpected bursts of ethereal melody and cathartic hardcore. Predictability is thrown to the wind, possibly as a result of the Italian group’s disassociation with the Stateside scene — being inspired solely by the music, as opposed to the cultural associations that come with it, can work wonders for a band’s sound. Red Square is a considerably more involving outing than the majority of cheap NeurIsis imitators bombarding the market, and shows much promise. (Lifeforce)