Asva Futurists Against the Ocean

Since droning doom metal seems to be the hottest shit on the hipster block these days, it only makes sense that this churning sub-genre has its own supergroup. Asva fill this role nicely, bringing together the likes of G. Stuart Dahlquist (SUNN O))), Burning Witch), B.R.A.D. (also of Burning Witch), John Schuller (Master Musicians of Bukkake), Trey Spruance (Mr. Bungle, Faith No More) and Troy Swanson (of sound-installation crew Trimpin) for four epic journeys of doom grandiosity. Things get underway with "Kill the Dog, Tie Them Up, Take the Money,” a slow, damaged chug-a-thon that recalls the likes of Sleep, then abruptly blow apart this entire course of action for the drone extravaganza of "Zaum; Beyonsense.” Things take an even denser sub-route with "Fortune,” which opens with over five minutes of wind-swept drone before taking shape around a Swans-like dirge and letting singer Jessika Kenney do her falsetto best, recalling the soaring vocal tones of Charalambides’ Christina Carter. Closing track "By the Well of Living and Seeing” brings back the molasses riffs and keeps the vocals to killer prog effect. Asva’s style is cleaner and safer (though no less masterful) than the fuzzed-out free-form isms of SUNN O))), Boris and Earth, and could be a safe starting point for those uninitiated to the rumbling worlds of drone metal. (Web of Mimicry)