Astroqueen Into Submission

While there is nothing wrong with Astroqueen (or was it Lowrider?), there is also nothing new. Their efforts are commendable - they prolong the cheesiness that is the stoner rock genre, and prove to be able hired guns in case an ex-Kyuss member falls ill on tour with their latest band. Furthermore, they have actually taken their teenage personal bedroom air guitar Kyuss idolatry fantasies to the next level by actually playing their songs with real instruments. Extra points goes towards the perfect replication of the desert aesthetics and semiotics as well, but don't they know that being mystically drawn to the desert might reveal that there is actually nothing there but vultures waiting to devour them? Like I said, nothing wrong with this stuff, it is perfect for those who don't want to let go and explore and pretend that Kyuss never died, just like Ed Gein and Norman Bates did with their respective mothers. But if I lived in Sweden, I'd be checking out those blondes instead. (Pavement)