Ashley Shadow "All for You"

Ashley Shadow 'All for You'
Over the years, Ashley Webber has played bass in the Organ, collaborated with Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Babe Rainbow, and toured as part of sister Amber Webber's Lightning Dust project. Now, she's stepping into the spotlight as Ashley Shadow. You can hear her new single, "All for You," right now.

The song, to be found later this year on a six-track eponymous EP, takes a solemn, folky tone early on, pairing a distortion-sprinkled strum with Webber's earthy vibrato. As the track goes on to detail themes of devotion and the onset of cold-hearted dreams, a plume of heavenly synths rise in the mix. "I'm doing this all for you," Webber sings, and for this we're all thankful.

Details have yet to be delivered in full, but Ashley Shadow was produced by Lightning Dust's Joshua Wells and features guitar work from Peter Le Grand and Ladyhawk's Darcy Hancock.