Art d'Ecco Tackles TV Obsession on New Album 'In Standard Definition'

Listen to lead single "TV God" now
Art d'Ecco Tackles TV Obsession on New Album 'In Standard Definition'
Everyone's been spending a lot of time these days staring at screens, and British Columbia-based glam rocker Art d'Ecco is taking us to task for it on his upcoming sophomore album. In Standard Definition is due April 23 on Paper Bag Records.

True to Art d'Ecco's throwback vibes, the album's tracklist looks like a TV guide (remember those?) with interludes titled "Channel 7 (Pilot Season)" and "Channel 11 (Reruns)."

The theme is furthered by lead single "TV God," which is out now alongside a music video. The fog machines, slow fades and d'Ecco's sparkling threads help bolster the song's retro rock flair, which recalls the best and boldest of David Bowie and T. Rex thanks to sultry background vocals and plenty of percussive flourishes. 

"Every era, and every culture has their very own TV God," said d'Ecco in a press release. "They come and go, and leave us reminiscing — longing for that escape to distract us from our daily lives. When the world is crumbling around us we look to entertainers and load up on celebrity super powers to rock our world and give us hope. It's all very sad, and all too unavoidable in today's day and age. I'm guilty of it, and so are you."

In Standard Definition follows 2018's Trespasser.

Watch the "TV God" video below.

In Standard Definition:

1. Desires
2. TV God
3. Bird of Prey
4. Nothing Ever Changes
5. I Am the Dancefloor
6. Head Rush
7. Channel 7 (Pilot Season)
8. In Standard Definition
9. Good Looks
10. The Message
11. Channel 11 (Reruns)
12. I Remember

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