Art Brut Richard’s on Richards, Vancouver BC September 3

In the school of rock, Art Brut is the class clown — the kid in the back making sarcastic comments and delivering killer punch lines with utmost precision. And while this may annoy the nerdlingers, it’s a whole lot of fun for everyone else, especially if you give Art Brut a stage. Live, this South London band know what they’re doing, delivering a show that’s part comedy, part rock and all entertainment. And the group’s Vancouver stop was no exception to this formula. Despite a weak turnout and zero openers, Art Brut seemed unfazed as they executed a set that covered all the right bases from the band’s two LPs — Bang Bang Rock & Roll and It’s a Bit Complicated. Opening with the herky-jerky "Pump up the Volume” and closing with a chaotic Bang Bang Rock & Roll medley, the five-piece were in top form, displaying loads of charm, wit and energy. But as much as each member added something special to the evening’s ragged art punk (the drummer played the entire show standing up), it was front-man Eddie Argos that really snagged the spotlight. Throughout the concert, the swaggering showman skipped rope with a patch cord, did laps around the club (including the balcony) and got down for some push-ups. At one point, he even used the mic to mimic erectile dysfunction. But even without all these antics, Argos’s sharp talk-sing delivery and quick-witted wordplay would have been enough to keep this show afloat. Rarely do you hear a singer break out lines as smart as "Is it so wrong to break from your kiss to turn up the pop song?” While Art Brut may have not played a song that would make Israel and Palestine get along, they still put on one entertaining rock show.