Arkitekchur Should

This is an album that rewards listeners with long attention spans and patience for repetition. Should begins with a 15-minute track made of a simple chiming electric guitar chord. Gradually the ear dips beneath the theme (perhaps to escape it) finding a quiet, rich drone of post-delay fallout that subtly shifts and modulates. At the14-minute mark a short taped vocal interjects and then the track ends so curtly it startles, given the lulling effect of the track. With the exception of the found text/noise experiment of "Symbol/Language>Discourse,” most of the album is built upon these kinds of hazy repeating structures of guitar, synthesiser and/or indistinct machine noises. Within the familiarity of repetition, however, lives a native cunning. For example: at the 2:45 point of "When Everything Runs Dry” a phased guitar loop drops out mid-cycle and is replaced by a sharp-toned hand chime. The complement of sounds and broken timekeeping create something sublime in its very inexactness. Likewise, the last track is "You Are My Sunshine” as played on a slowly winding down music box framed by the barely audible background noise of large vehicles idling. That the theme finally ends two notes into its cycle is no accident. (tbtmo)