Arkells' Max Kerman Wants a Hamilton Snowplow Named After Him

"Max Kermanator" is up against "Plowy McPlowface," "Austin Plowers" and other choice names

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Dec 21, 2022

The CanCon is strong in this one. The city of Hamilton, ON, is gearing up to name its snowplows, and to Arkells bandleader Max Kerman's surprise, his name is in the running. 

If fans from the band's hometown have their way, "Max Kermanator" will be keeping the city's streets clear of snow. With 20 possible names to vote for on the City of Hamilton's website, the top 10 names will be assigned to Hamilton's fleet of snowplows.

"Hey everyone, I don't ask for much but today I need your help," Kerman tweeted on Tuesday night (December 20). "Somehow I've been nominated to be the potential name for the @cityofhamilton snowplow. There's a lot of worthy names, but 'Max Kermanator' simply makes the most sense. Plz [sic] vote today:"

Some other notable names in the running include Mr. Plow (classic), Plowy McPlowface, Spready Mercury, Austin Plowers, The Big Leplowski, Darth Blader, CTRL-SALT-DELETE and Melton John among many other suitable names. We highly recommend you check out the full list

If you feel strongly about Hamilton having a snow plow with an Arkells namesake, voting is taking place between now and January 8, with the winning names being announced the week of January 9.

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