Arise and Ruin The Fear Of

This album is exactly what the world needs: more shitty metalcore. If you hadn’t gotten your fill of North American, pseudo-shredder hacks pretending to have classical training in between their "mathematic” breakdowns you’re going to be all over this. Black Dahlia Murder’s cookie-cutter take on all things European and melodic immediately comes to mind, recalling the knowledge that Arise and Ruin are only one of thousands of leeches sucking the life and soul of out music. This album only wasted 15 minutes of my life but it’s 15 minutes I’ll never get back. Since absolutely nothing is sacred in a capitalist society, as long as consumer demand for generic MTV "metal” is around, the listening public can look forward to worldwide record companies pumping out albums like this: slightly modified versions of "the next big thing.” Still, one can’t help but wonder why all these labels/bands seem to think they’re going to be the ones to reinvent the wheel. Do the floor punching mosh twits in the audience insight a false sense of ingenuity and worth? We may never know. (Transport)