Ariel Pink Plans Two New Albums and Werewolf Movie

Ariel Pink Plans Two New Albums and Werewolf Movie
Aside from a few re-releases and an epic, 9/11-inspired track, prolific experimental popster Ariel Pink played it reasonably quiet last year, but 2012 is looking to be a big one for the tunesmith, as he's just announced plans to release two albums and, um, a werewolf movie.

An interview with V Magazine [via Pitchfork] finds Pink dishing on the next Haunted Graffiti LP, which will follow up 2010's hi-fi experiment Before Today. According to the musician, it's inspired by a film he conceived when he was a kid.

Pink admits that the tentatively titled A Death in Hollywood is "[loosely] based on a childhood movie that I made with my cousins, basically a combination of Ghost and [The Adventures of] Ford Fairlane. It's like a rock-and-roll detective story. There's a rock star who dies onstage and his brother wants to get to the bottom of the caper."

The LP is still being written, with none of his Haunted Graffiti collaborators having been privy to the tunes just yet. Pink added, however, that the album will indeed be a group effort. "It will be the band's job to 'decode,'" he explained. "Now they kind of understand me. It's all very intuitive. There's no demos, nothing to fall back on. It really is a step in the evolution of the band, and it's very exciting for me."

A release date has not yet been set for the collection.

Next up for the busybody is a collaboration with lo-fi artist R. Stevie Moore called Ku Klux Glam. A track called "Dutch Me" surfaced from the sessions last summer, but it's unclear when the reportedly 35-minute album will pop up in full. You can stream the leaked single down below.

Perhaps most oddly, Pink also confided that he is also planning on producing, scoring and starring in an upcoming "werewolf movie" tentatively titled Bad Vibes. The film, to be written and directed by Dave Gebroe, is supposedly set in the 1960s and its plot focuses on "a band called the Sunrise Majesty, which is a mixture of Sly and the Family Stone and Jefferson Airplane."

"There's already a whole backstory and mythology around them that's pretty elaborate," Pink said. We'll just have to wait and see.

Dutch Me by kukluxglam