​Ariana Grande's Japanese "7 rings" Tattoo Actually Means "BBQ Grill"

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jan 30, 2019

Ariana Grande recently got some new ink to commemorate her latest single "7 rings," but it turns out the Japanese letters she got tattooed on her hand don't mean what she thought they did.
The singer got the Kanji symbols "七輪" inked on her palm, and while separately "七" means "7" and "輪" means "ring," the two symbols together actually read as "shichirin." As Kotaku points out, a shichirin is a small charcoal grill.
Worse still, Grande and her team did manage to correctly translate "7 Rings" to "七つの指輪" for the title card of the music video — just not for the permanent body ink.
Grande acknowledged the tattoo typo in a since deleted Twitter reply to a user pointing out the mistake. "Indeed, I left out 'つの指' which should have gone in between," she wrote. "It hurt like fuck and still looks tight. I wouldn't have lasted one more symbol lmao."
But while Grande may be owning her mistake, plenty of others aren't letting her get away so easy on Twitter. See some of the reactions to the flub below.
She has also since removed a photo of the tattoo in question from her Instagram.
Grande's next album thank u, next is due out February 8.


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