Arctic Flowers Straight to the Hunter

Arctic Flowers Straight to the Hunter
It's a tumultuous world out there, something Portland, OR punk band Arctic Flowers know all too well. On their third album, Straight to the Hunter, they are taking time to address the issues that have plagued them.
Album opener "Hallow Water" introduces the idea that "it's been a long time since [they've] had any peace of mind." Throughout the next 11 tracks, layered and scattered guitars ring out as loudly or louder than Alex Carroccio's torn vocals. There are moments of clarity when her voice, and subsequently her message, breaks through the noise. The album is angry and chaotic, just like the environment in which it was produced.
Each song jumps out like a weekly headline. The political themes run the gamut, jumping from questions of mental health in "One Foot" to addressing immigration policy in "Dreamer" and ending with a plea to mother earth in "Husk."
Music is personal and the personal is political. This album keeps brings these elements together inviting the listener to join them in their riot grrl renaissance. (Independent)