The Arcs "Put a Flower in Your Pocket" (video)

The Arcs 'Put a Flower in Your Pocket' (video)
Keeping in line with the image of a pug-nosed pugilist on a recent 7-inch release, The Black Keys offshoot the Arcs have now unveiled a boxing-themed music video behind their Yours, Dreamily single, "Put a Flower in Your Pocket."

The animated video focuses on the love triangle between a few beastly characters. This includes a boxer, whose bloody in-ring activities are also put on display, a gangster, and a poodle-coiffed woman.

It gets a little messy, to say the least, with an after-match argument running a body count and multiple disfiguring injuries. The Arcs score this with a subtle, speaker-panning piece of vintage R&B-influenced rock-pop.

You'll see how everything turns out for the trio by streaming the El Oms-directed video down below, courtesy of Noisey.

As previously reported, the Arcs' debut album hits stores September 4 via Warner Bros. Records.