Archgoat The Luciferian Crown

Archgoat The Luciferian Crown
When it comes to bestial black metal, few have as much cred as Finland's Archgoat. Veterans in the black metal scene, the band have a sound that is definitely their own, both in their riffing, "no funny business" style, as well as Lord Angelslayer's inhuman gutturals, emulating bestial ferocity and pitch black satanic power.
The Luciferian Crown reflects a band that is very good at what they do and see no reason to stray or dare for much evolution, which, if you love Archgoat, isn't necessarily a bad thing. From the start, the band waste no time in crushing you with one scolding anvil of blasphemous brutality after another.
"Jezebels Black Mass Orgy" highlights the thundering nature of the drums, both in play and production, with some great tempo changes that electrifies this sonic hammer with greater bite.
The instruments, as well as vocals are, as expected, churning in deep mud, so that every blast is a fist to the face. "Messiah of Pigs" is a testament to Archgoat's skill at crafting some intoxicating riffs, and even see the band dabbling in traces of punk. No doubt one of the most surprising tracks on the album is "Darkness Has Returned" for its sheer simplicity and lack of blasts, instead subbing in a more classic metal bass snare approach that kicks total ass.
Though it's nothing overly new and doesn't quite reach the level of The Apocalyptic Triumphator, The Luciferian Crown is a worthy offering to the fallen angel. (Debemur Morti)