Archetype Bleed For Them

One look at ID and Nezbeat and they might be dismissed as another hipster-hop group, but they actually bring a very traditional style of hip-hop on the boards, and something else entirely on the mic. Although the young Kansas duo doesn’t collaborate on every track (Nezbeat actually goes solo for about half the album), there’s a definite rapport in their soulful smoothness. ID’s soft tone and Nezbeat’s projected style on the fresh beats by the both members make for a new school Tribe Called Quest, but with more thought-provoking content. Government, religion, utopia and even childhood imaginary friends (or schizophrenia, depending on how much you read into it) make up just a slice of the substance here. In 2007, Bleed For Them was slept on and hardly appreciated, if recognised at all. Don’t let that happen in the New Year. This is a gem. (Dekagon)