Arc Feral

Aidan Baker, a Toronto area avant-garde ambient and drone composer, summons two more additions to his fold to create a pleasing and simple study in the disruption of time and space as we know it. Aidan Baker plays guitar, bass and violin, and Richard Baker takes on percussion, acoustic guitars and emboura, and rounding it out is further cosmic percussion (including tabla). What sets this aside from the previous (and prolific amounts) of release by Aidan Baker is that this doesn't dwell too much with drones — it leaves lots of space for the listener to fill in the wide gaps with their own imagination, and the rhythms and pings most definitely induce a state of peace and sleep. The long compositions are perfect and pleasant — and as time marches on and within, the approach of ambience becomes louder, and it takes more and more charge of the affair. This is a perfect little musical curio that should withstand the test of time and sameness. (Arcolepsy)