Arab Strap The Last Romance

There’s always some buyer hesitancy with every new Arab Strap album, due to the fact that every new album has been better than the last. Happily, this pattern continues as The Last Romance is decidedly more satisfying than Monday at the Hug & Pint, and is in fact probably the most accomplished Arab Strap album to date. Well, that last point depends on how much of a purist you for the gloom of Aidan Moffat’s vulgar musings, but, with a couple of exceptions, all his banter is surrounded with lush guitars, trumpets and upbeat drums. Look to the exhilarating "There Is No Ending” for one of the most perfect Arab Strap songs ever conceived. While Moffat continues on his love-is-shitty way, it is music man Malcolm Middleton that has made the quantum leap here. Including the previous track, both "Speed Date” and "Dream Sequence” also showcase a sound that is confident and, god forbid, fun. Pop the champagne corks fans, as not only can you pick up The Last Romance with confidence in its quality, but also with the knowledge that this band have blissfully accepted their sad-sack status with a glorious trumpet-and-guitar flourished cry of "Fuck it!” (Transdreamer)