Arab Strap Get Ultra Violent for New "Here Comes Comus!" Video

The track appears on the duo's comeback effort 'As Days Get Dark'
Arab Strap Get Ultra Violent for New 'Here Comes Comus!' Video
Never ones to shy away from the uncomfortable, Arab Strap have unloaded a new video from their upcoming comeback album As Days Get Dark, and it's more than a little disturbing.

The clip comes for the record's "Here Comes Comus!" and it arrives loaded with warnings telling potential viewers to proceed with caution.

As Arab Strap's Aidan Moffat explained, "It's a song about the god of nocturnal excess and my inability to ever refuse him. It takes place in a pub, a club, and city alleyways, all the places I'd hoped we'd be able to enjoy again by now — but it's been so long since I've had a big night out that listening to it now seems almost nostalgic. He still pops round to see me at home now and again, but I know he's holding back and planning for the future, and one day soon we'll dance again."

As for the warning-loaded video, it was done by director Bryan M. Ferguson, who had this to say: "When I first heard Aidan's lyrics on the track, my mind was quickly flung into a murky pit of complete debauchery and I really wanted the video to be a story of excess to match not just the lyrics but the whole mythology of Comus being the rebellious god of festivity who pretty much represents anarchy and chaos.

"I felt the video needed to explore these themes of overindulgence much like the protagonist. I wanted to make the viewer feel dirty and maybe even disgusted at their own enjoyment of the imagery."

You can watch "Here Comes Comus!" down below if you feel it's safe to do so.

As previously reported, As Days Get Dark will arrive on March 5 via Rock Action. It will mark Arab Strap's seventh studio album and their first full-length effort since 2005's The Last Romance.