Approach Ultra Proteus

Direct from a thriving Midwest hip-hop community comes Approach — one funky ass mutha with one funky ass record, Ultra Proteus. From start to finish, this album drips with ’70s "get down” boogie, soul and slick hip-hop beats, which Approach has no problem complementing with his laid-back, smoothed-out vocals. Straight-up party tunes "Hey Y’all,” "Funk Reaction,” and "Alright” are reminiscent of Jurassic 5 and Black Eyed Peas (who are respectfully called out in "The Opus,” where there’s also mention of Tribe, Common and Jay Dee). Lyrically, Approach could dig a bit deeper, often relying on "party people in the place to be” choruses and the whole "just lay back and enjoy the ride” sound. But maybe this record is just about that: bringing the feel-good vibes. Approach’s mic skills are obvious, considering he’s won many MC battles in his hometown of Kansas City. Ultra Proteus is a solid album that’s not hard to listen to, if you don’t take it too seriously and just "relax with the pro and let your mind go.” And, if you’re not feeling Approach’s production, then you can always fast forward to the dope bonus tracks remixed by Oh No, the Rondo Brothers, Nezbeat featuring Id of Archetype and others. (Coup D-Etat)