The Appleseed Cast Peregrine

There’s a story here, and while it might take some time to sass out exactly what these intellectual Kansasans are trying to say without a detailed set of liner notes and an ancient map, the sense of cohesion that has bound together every one of their records is back again on Peregrine, an album many doubted would ever be created. After the announcement of a hiatus and rumours of a full-fledged break up, the band re-formed with a brand new rhythm section; they were lucky enough to snag drummer Nathan Richardson of the Casket Lottery and the (until now) unproven Marc Young on bass. Still pushing the boundaries of aggressive indie rock with bizarre sounds, unique drum production, and unexpected arrangements, the band mix straight-forward song structures with massive aural diversions, taking songs in surprisingly new directions before bringing them back to a comfortable middle ground. It’s a good thing the hiatus is off. (Militia Group)