Apparat + Modeselektor = Moderat

Apparat + Modeselektor = Moderat
Fans of glitchy electronic music rejoice, as genre forerunners Modeselektor have teamed up with producer Apparat to resurrect their Moderat power trio. The collaborative group, who first released the Auf Kosten der Gesundheit EP together in 2002, have announced that they've recorded their first full-length as a three-piece.

The power trio's self-titled album will come out on April 21 courtesy of the good folks at BPitch Control. The 11-track album will also be available in a limited edition version, complete with a DVD.

Moderat tracklisting:

1 "A New Error"
2 "Rusty Nails"
3 "Seamonkey"
4 "Slow Match (feat. Paul St. Hilaire)"
5 "3 Minutes Of"
6 "Nasty Silence"
7 "Sick With It (feat. Dellé aka Eased from Seeed)"
8 "Porc # 1"
9 "Porc # 2"
10 "No. 22"
11 "Out Of Sight"