Aphrodite Aftershock

Best known for his jungle re-workings of hip-hop classics like "Jungle Brother" and "No Diggity," DJ/producer Aphrodite (Gavin King) has decided this time to work with hip-hop's classics - Big Daddy Kane and Philly pioneer Schoolly D. Instead of relying on samples, he uses these still skilled rappers (along with a number of other special guests) to spearhead his mission to inject vocalists back into drum & bass. The result is a unique sound that, alongside Roni Size, towers above the majority of drum and bass producers. Mixing old school hip-hop with his particular brand of jump-up jungle, which ran its high-energy course a few years back, Aphrodite's sophomore effort Aftershock really should sound dated, yet somehow it doesn't even approach played out. The ingredients, including hints of ragga, ambient and funk, are familiar, yet his sense of polyrhythmic timing is so spot-on, and the results so goddamn exuberant, that you can't wait for another taste. (V2)