Antigama Zeroland

The early 2005 re-release of Antigama’s first full length, Discomfort, was a cunning business move on the part of Selfmadegod, priming an unsuspecting public for the crushing malevolence of this Polish band’s latest effort. Once again they have defied the boundaries of most modern grind and emerged as an eclectic force to be reckoned with. Layered riffing, deafening blasts and venomous tongue-lashings colour the ferocious shredding that characterises their forward thinking brand of "avantgrind.” This high speed battering is met with a penchant for beefy grooves and slowed technicalities, giving the songs room to breath and a dynamic that sets each apart from the next. Their creativity eludes strict classification but is reminiscent of Agoraphobic Nosebleed’s abrasive attacks with Pig Destroyer’s caustic edge, the combination of which comes out sounding like calculated experiment in musical monster manufacturing. The sufficiently solid but slightly muddled sound gives the album a raw feel and a menacing atmosphere, highlighting the feverish pace with which the album plays out. (Selfmadegod)