Antigama Zeroland

Fans of forward-thinking grindcore should have noticed this Polish band with their last album, the excellent Discomfort. With Zeroland, the band have only gotten weirder, more progressive, and more abrasive. First off, it should be noted that this 23-minute "album,” featuring about 10 minutes of noise tracks, is basically a glorified EP. But with music this manic and difficult, an EP is just fine. The production is perfect, bringing out the great drumming, off-kilter guitar work and the wild variety of vocal effects nicely (I’m sure the bassist is great too). Some of the vocal effects are real head-turners actually, but mainly it’s the messed-up time signatures, the quirky spin on speedy grindcore, and the wonderful feeling that this hasn’t been done before that make it obvious that Antigama are going to be huge in the grind scene before long. Right down to the cool cover art, this is a welcome and lively fresh take on grind. (Selfmadegod)