Anti-Flag "Brandenburg Gate" (ft. Tim Armstrong)

Anti-Flag 'Brandenburg Gate' (ft. Tim Armstrong)
Pittsburg punkers Anti-Flag will celebrate spring in America with the arrival of their new album American Spring later this month. Today, they've given us another taste with the new track "Brandenburg Gate."

The song is a mid-tempo rocker complete with a sing-along chorus. Its pop punk star power is solidified further with the raspy croon of Rancid's Tim Armstrong, who also makes an appearance on the track.

Rather than a lyric video, the song comes with an essay about socialism that scrawls across the screen as the song unfolds. It requires a great deal of focus if you want to read their political thoughts while jamming out to "Brandenburg Gate," but you could always watch it a second time with the sound off.

Check out "Brandenburg Gate" below. American Spring will blossom on May 26 through Spinefarm Records.