Greater of Two Evils

BY Greg PrattPublished Dec 1, 2004

If, like me, you’ve spent a good chunk of the last decade sitting around wondering what re-recorded versions of classic Anthrax tunes re-done with current, far superior, vocalist John Bush, would sound like, this disc is for you. Fifteen tunes here, as voted by the fans, so no novelty covers or annoying hit singles (all of which were covers too, of course). Instead, it’s a whole whack of songs dating back to before the band really became great, as well as incredible versions of the excellent "I Am the Law,” "Belly of the Beast” and "Keep It In the Family.” The album was essentially recorded live in the studio over a couple days, so the production and energy is raw and alive, and although I could live without ever hearing "Be All End All” again (man, what an annoying tune that is), this is pure thrash goodness, proof that as much as we all kind of liked ex-singer Joey Belladonna, in some weird way, he is no comparison for Bush’s excellent pipes. And it seems hard to believe, but drummer Charlie Benante just seems to get better over time, here adding in more crazy fills and speedy double-time runs than first time around. Here’s hoping the next studio album will keep up this level of excitement.

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