Antagonist Exist

It probably exists in every other genre of music as well but nowadays there just seems to be too many of the same thrash/hardcore crossover bands that can’t pull it off as melodically as Darkest Hour or as fun as Municipal Waste. Southern California’s Antagonist are no different, as the early Metallica sound mixed with the weight of Pantera riffs and hardcore influences has simply been done, and done with mediocrity, hundreds of times over by so many other bands that seem to be leaking out into the metal mainstream. It would be a bit different if the band were actually a little more listenable but the tired sound and the hints of some really gut-wrenchingly bad clean vocals are total turnoffs. Luckily they’re still on the younger side, so hopefully we’ll get something unique from them in the years to come. Until then, if you’re into this kind of stuff, stick to the other bands that sound exactly like them. (Prosthetic)