Another Failure Another Failure in the Making

Remember that band you had with some friends in high school? The one where you would hang out in someone's parents' garage and make really generic heavy chord progressions. With the distortion turned way up, it sounded really rad to produce such a heavy sound and feel it come out of the speakers, and really know that you were producing those sounds. You probably had some really silly, angst-y lyrics about needing "help" and there being "no hope" for stuff in general. Of course, to actually record those half-baked tracks and embarrassing lyrics, put them onto a CD and distribute them to the world would be just ridiculous. Another Failure are, sadly, this very band. Like you in those dreamy days of garage jam glory, they can play their instruments, but not in a way that allows for actual creative output. There are a lot of bad riffs, nothing approaching a solo and lyrics that could have been written by any 16-year-old on the planet. It might seem harsh, but everything here is so bland and unoriginal it makes Three Days Grace seem like metal gods. (Independent)