Anon Egeland Anon

Celebrated Scandinavian artist Anon Egeland is a master of the Hardanger fiddle and in his first solo project he interprets a rich program of southern Norwegian traditional music in solo, duo and trio formats. Long time collaborators Mikael Marin (viola) and Leiv Solberg (mandolin/guitar) help to create wonderful versions of “Crushed By the Hammer of Grief” and “The Carpenter’s Waltz.” As well as superb violin performances like “Was It You Or Was It You” and “Torstensens,” Egeland also plays evocative solo recorder in “Thou Little Crowd” and “Kristine’s Lament,” flute in “Anna Is Gone,” guitar in “I Am Leaving” and Jew’s harp in “The Tinker,” “The Gausla Tune” and “The Jew’s Harp Tune.” These evocative solo miniatures add refreshing variety to a compelling program of traditional instrumental music. (Northside)