Anom So It's Come To This

Miss Rakim? Well Anom (or An Open Mind) might just have enough similarities to whet your appetite. He not only sounds like Eric B's counterpart but also has the delivery down pat as well. This isn't to say that he's ripping anyone off but sometimes it just happens like that and it sure is easy on the ears. The beats on So It's Come To This are hard-hitting and old school sounding which is great, but some of the production does get a tad bit generic at times. "Neat Little Packages" is a straight-up hip-hop classic though with its funky piano, bongos and creative chorus that all fit together in a dope little package. Other songs like "So It's Come to This" and "Whatever It Takes" hold everything together in the end. Lyrics and flows are definitely tight and it's refreshing to hear some old school flavour being dropped in 2005. (Eastern Fiction)