Annabelle Chvostek Resilience

Resilience is a fitting title for Annabelle Chvostek’s new album. The ex-Wailin’ Jenny performs with such strength and versatility that it’s hard to find fault with the disc. Chvostek’s emotions meld to the moment, tying her to one place for a brief three minutes, but once you get settled into her groove, the acoustic folk pop sensibilities shift to reveal a completely different woman. "Resilience” begins the record with anxious tinkering and heartbeat percussions, while "Racing With The Sun” takes on a jazzier tone, her vocals tempted by seduction and desire. Chvostek even plays with silhouettes on the album, letting her angelic vocals dance like windowpane shadows on "Piece Of You” and "Firewalker.” Resilience is both poignant and introspective, casting light in any direction the roots-fuelled artist turns. (Borealis)