Animal Collective Reveal Release Details for Fall Be Kind EP

Animal Collective Reveal Release Details for <i>Fall Be Kind</i> EP
Merriweather Post Pavilion is perhaps the most unanimously loved album of the year, meaning that Animal Collective already have a guaranteed spot atop most critics' "Best of 2009" lists. Now, the group are seeking to end the year on the same successful note it started on, revealing that their Fall Be Kind EP will be released digitally on November 23 and physically on December 15.

The news follows Dave "Avey Tare" Portner's earlier statements that the group would be releasing a new EP before year's end.

The five-song collection features outtakes from Merriweather Post Pavilion, as well as some new material. Among the new songs is "What Would I Want? Sky," a live favourite that includes the first-ever licensed Grateful Dead sample (taken from "Unbroken Chain").

Fall Be Kind will be released via Domino (with the cover above), and will be available on CD, twelve-inch vinyl and as a digital download.

Fall Be Kind:

1. "Graze"

2. "What Would I Want? Sky"

3. "Bleed"

4. "On a Highway"

5. "I Think I Can"