Ani Difranco Canon

It’s been 17 years since Ani DiFranco released her first album. Biting commentaries on political and sexual issues have always been a part of her mantra, not to mention her empowering acoustic honesty, and if there’s one place to sample some of DiFranco’s best work it’s on Canon. Canon is the first retrospective album of her multi-faceted career, highlighting tracks from albums spanning from 1990 to 2006. Aside from including finger-picking favourites such as "32 Flavors” and "Little Plastic Castle,” Canon features five re-recorded songs with help from Todd Sickafoose (bass) and Allison Miller (drums). "Napoleon,” "Shameless,” "You’re Next Bold Move,” "Both Hands” and "Overlap” are punchier, thicker and more full-bodied than the originals. The rest of the album is just as compelling, with DiFranco’s unique and dynamic voice adding that little bit of texture to her gentle reverbs. DiFranco’s definitely a woman of many talents and Canon just goes to prove why she’s one of the most widely respected female artists in the folk pop genre. (Righteous Babe)