Angerville & Gamshooter The Anger Management EP

Available online as a free download, The Anger Management EP introduces two upcoming T-dot talents in a fitting collaboration between producer Gamshooter, who has worked with Above the Law, Nish Raawks and Bishop Brigante, and MC duo Conscious Thought and Fortunato, who, with an occasional posthumous verse from honorary third member Ill Da Shystee, form Angerville. The EP opens strong, with Gamshooter utilising a heavy synthesiser bass as the backbone to a dark, spacey funk jam for a cocky Angerville introduction. "Rage-A-Holic,” an angry, fist-pumping anthem that pays tribute to both marijuana and rapping as superb sources of stress relief, is the perfect follow-up, setting a high standard for the rest of the album. It also presents the ideal image of what a group named Angerville should sound like but, unfortunately, they never again match that intensity. Instead, things mellow out with "Hip Hop” and "Hustlin’,” the best two of a string of songs with that grimy New York underground sound. From there it’s an all-in-one combination of true life tales, braggadocio battle raps, hip-hop love and witty one-liners. With this collaboration, both Gamshooter and Angerville demonstrate plenty of potential, even if it’s not terribly original. Still, The Anger Management EP is well worth the effort of a download for more than just the superb "Rage-A-Holic.” (Independent)