Angelo Debarre Et Ludovic Beier Paroles De Swing

If the Parisian aesthetic is about anything, it is about joy, elegantly packaged. This disc of swing tunes embodies that, being unfailingly exuberant but never uncontrolled. This is hot and sexy gypsy jazz pulled together by the extraordinary musicianship of Angelo Debarre and Ludovic Beier. The clear twang of the guitar scales the melodies up and down like a monkey, and the accordion thrums its way around the story and back again. The solos in "Le danseur de Charleston” pull you deep inside, waiting to see what on earth they might pull out next. But for those moments of strolling down the boulevards, there is also the relaxed sway of "Sous le Soleil de Paris,” where the quick pattering of the guitar bounces like raindrops off the pavement. There are plenty of albums of this genre floating about but few with the je ne sais quoi to be present and immediate upon first listen. It’s a musical glance across a crowded room, but you won’t be able to tear your ears away. (Le Chant du Monde)