Angel Olsen "Forgiven/Forgotten" (video)

Angel Olsen 'Forgiven/Forgotten' (video)
Ahead of her upcoming Burn Your Fire for No Witness LP, performer Angel Olsen has shared a new video for fuzzy rock song "Forgiven/Forgotten."

The clip was reportedly inspired by Freaks and Geeks, and offers up plenty of grainy, timeless footage to support that notion.

Director Zia Anger offered the following explanation for the video:

The only idea Angel and I had decided on was that she should be given a chance to act — to perform in a way most people have never seen her perform. Upon arriving I was immediately struck by the beautiful and unruly area of Malvern Hills. Suburbia had never spoken to me like that before. Our idea morphed in to a suburban fantasy just as lawless as its backdrop.

Watch the suburban fantasy unfold below in the video for "Forgiven/Forgotten." Burn Your Fire for No Witness will be available on February 18 via Jagjaguar.