Angel Band With Roots & Wings

Some folks introduce themselves with a handshake. Angel Band create their own musical version — a clean, harmonically tight a cappella call that, on opening track "Hey Papa Legba,” introduces you to the fine voices of Nancy Josephson, Kathleen Weber and Jen Schonwald. These three ladies are joined by a killer back-up band, one so good they sometimes take centre stage over the singing. The songs, mostly written by Josephson, are a mix. "Drown In The Fountain Of Good” is a dark, bluesy number with a killer opening verse sung by Kathleen Webber. We then head out to the rollicking country with "I’m Coming Home To You” and deep into love in "Hold Me Angel,” as the voices soar. Not every song is a hit — there’s a clear songwriting learning curve — but for every less-than-ideal lyrical turn there is a musical one that catches your attention and a blending of voices that washes the doubt away. (Appleseed)