M for Montreal, Montreal QC, November 16

Photo: Nadia Davoli

BY Matt BobkinPublished Nov 17, 2017

"Take my hand, we can dive forever," sang frontwoman Chloé Soldevila on "Endless Dive," and that Anemone did. Their songs were lengthy odysseys through the realms of jangle rock, dream pop and psych, and the quintet's tight delivery led the audience through those disparate inspirations for a strong, cohesive set.
Soldevila's dancing and synth work embodied Anemone's pop charm, which maintained focus even as songs stretched past the five-minute mark. Not everything worked — a drum machine-featuring intro to an early set number found the band leaning a little too heavily on their Stereolab influence, but the tinny passage eventually blossomed into a full-bodied psychedelic jam that showcased the band's collective chops.
There are plenty of ideas brimming from this quintet, and they made the most of their showcase slot to highlight as many as they could. It's not hard to imagine that there are more to come.

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