Andy McGuire Body of Work

Andy McGuire is an Ontarian poet-cum-musician who, under the influence of Canadian folk darling Danny Michel, has sharpened his musical blades to create his first full-length album, Body of Work. The men met in 2009, the evening described by McGuire as "coloured by Appleton's rum and a hazily remembered, lager-like bevy." And it was this meeting that was the impetus for Michel to convince McGuire to return to the craft of songwriting and eventually produce the album at hand. It certainly is a product of Michel's particular brand of sweet whimsy. The music lands on the poppier side of folk, especially done well in "Translator" and "Irrational at Heart." The lyrics are playful and easily identifiable as the work of a poet. As of right now, McGuire is working on a musical project entitled Beavers are Pussies, which he imagines will be a country punk homage to Canadiana, including a song called "Elliott Smith for Prime Minister" and a number written for CBC radio host Anna Maria Tremonti on her death bed. While Body of Work is whimsical, apparently we haven't seen anything yet. Until Beavers are Pussies materializes though, Body of Work is a perfectly pleasurable listen. (Independent)