Andrea Sartori Il Tagliacode

Hailing from Bologna, Andrea Sartori’s first solo release is breathtaking. As a founder of the Homework Festival and the related record label, Sartori’s focus is on cutting edge acoustics and musical performance. The most striking aspects of Il Tagliacode are the breadth of the aural palette and the masterful micro-house compositions. Electro-acoustic in its roots, the sounds used in this album come from solos captured by Sartori at a jazz retreat in Foligno, Italy. Andrea’s ear for editing and processing with spring reverb, tape delays and analogue distortion give this album a very warm, fuzzy sound that’s interrupted by computer glitches, conveying a pronounced psychedelic edge to this futuristic fusion funk record. In "Horror Vacui Oltre Il Profondo,” the throaty growls of a Hammond organ gone mad with effects ride a shuffled break and magically twist into a crisp, anthemic, click-y house tune. Self-described as "recreational” music, and related to Musica Leggera (easy listening), Il Tagliacode thankfully doesn’t require "recreational stimulation” to be compelling. (Persona)