Anberlin Cities

Since their debut release in 2003, Anberlin have progressed and grown as a band while still retaining the sound that garnered them widespread attention with 2005’s Never Take Friendship Personal. Although not as immediately catchy as the aforementioned album, the overall sound stretches down further into the introspective side of things, both lyrically and musically. Producer Aaron Sprinkle works his magic on these boys from Florida, bringing out their sound with string sections, dreamily layered harmonies and a full feeling that never strays from being rock even with all the intricate portions. Cities has a steady rock tempo and feel but the wording leans more towards a call to think deeper, with lines like "there’s more to living than just being alive,” from "Alexithemia,” and a bit of a jaded feel towards the world and self. Definitely worth checking out for fans of previous Anberlin, Aaron Sprinkle or Tooth and Nail releases.

(Tooth and Nail, (Yep Roc)