Anathema Resonance

The first of a two-CD set, Resonance helps celebrate the first ten years of Liverpool's doom metal outfit Anathema, concentrating primarily on the band's recorded output while part of the Peaceville Records roster. The vast majority of the songs on this 15-track collection are from the band's first four records, but it is the somewhat rare songs that make this worth picking up. Their covers of Pink Floyd ("One of the Few," "Goodbye Cruel World") and Bad Religion ("Better Off Dead"), which the band did for the 1998 Peaceville tribute CD X, have been included on the disc, as well as a great live version of the Eternity album track "Angelica," recorded live in Budapest, Hungary, in 1997. Cyber-metallers will also want to check out the rarely seen video for the Eternity track "Hope," which has been included on the CD as a bonus enhanced track. But if you, like myself, already have all this material somewhere else, I'm afraid all you have left is a pretty CD cover to look at. My, isn't it pretty. (Peaceville)